How can you help?

  • Be yourself  - and be in the moment. Look for moments of joy to celebrate and know that being there in laughter or silence is your most important act.

  • Listen with compassion  - almost everyone worries about what to say, but knowing how to listen is much more important.

  • Share your hospice experience  - with other people that are not familiar with hospice. Your experience may put someone else’s mind at ease.

  • Give of yourself. Celebrate the life of someone you love or care about by sharing a special thought, feeling or honoring their life by giving in their memory.

  • Help our Garden Grow. Through Legacy benches, Tribute plaques, Brick Pavers, Live Plantings and other ornamental garden features one can be honored or memorialized.


For more information, please click the contact button or call Serenity Foundation Headquarters today. 478-275-2023.